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Course Catalog 2011-2012

TST-1206 Demola project work, 5-10 cr

Additional information

Notes to Finnish students: * Huomaa, että muissa tiedekunnissa on myös Demola-kursseja, mm TETA-7040 - varmista että ilmoittaudut oikealle kurssille * Kurssille osallistumisen edellytyksenä on valinta projektiin Demolassa ( * Demolaan ja kurssille ilmoittaudutaan erikseen * Ennen kurssin aloittamista, ota yhteyttä pääainetta edustavan laitoksen vastuuopettajaan, luettelo alla * Oppijaksonvastaavuustietoja on sivun Materiaalit-osiossa olevassa dokumentissa, katso että kurssi sijoittuu opinnoissasi oikein International students: * Please note that other faculties have Demola courses too, such as TETA-7040 Technology Business Project Work - see that you have selected the right course * Also check that you can include this course in your studies so that you get the credits * In order to participate on the course, you need to apply and be selected to a Demola project (in * You sign in separately to Demola and to the course * Before signing to TST-1206 please contact Matti Vuori (room TF216, email: and after that, your assigned teacher (one of the list below). * Degree students: With the teacher, ensure that the course is positioned correctly in your studies ------- The teachers at the departments are: * Department of Software Systems: lecturer Tero Ahtee, and professor Kari Systä, * Department of Software Systems/ IHTE: Thomas Olsson, * Department of Signal Processing: assistant professor Sari Peltonen, * Department of Computer Systems: professor Marko Hännikäinen, * Department of Communications: Matti Tiainen * Department of Electrical Energy Engineering: professor Pekka Verho, * Department of Electronics: professor Lauri Sydänheimo,

Person responsible

Matti Vuori, Seppo Valkealahti, Sari Peltonen, Pirjo Kuhanen, Marko Hännikäinen, Tero Ahtee, Lauri Sydänheimo, Mikko Valkama, Thomas Olsson


Participation to the seminars, accepted project work and demo or prototype. Working time report. Accepted written project report including other needed documentation and reporting and oral presentation. Detailed definition will be done annually. Further information about the projects at

Learning outcomes

After the course, the student is able to participate in a professional role in a team that creates a demo or a prototype of a product, service or other innovation, using agile development practices, design and product research methods. Team working skills are especially emphasised as the course comprises of an assignment carried out by a group of students having different backgrounds and skill sets. By writing a project report the student will learn to summarize, rationalise and explain the findings and ideas developed during the project. Oral presentation skills will also be learned as the students present and explain their findings in a project presentation.

Evaluation criteria for the course

Evaluation scale passed/failed will be used on the course.

Assessment scale:

Evaluation scale passed/failed will be used on the course

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Correspondence of content

There is no equivalence with any other courses


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