Course Catalog 2011-2012

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Course Catalog 2011-2012

TETA-5136 International Organizational Behavior, 4 cr

Additional information

Will not be lectured year 2011-2012

Person responsible

Ulla Niemi-Ylšnen


The obligatory requirements for completing the course are - 2 group assignments - passing the examination The attendance at the sessions is voluntary.
Completion parts must belong to the same implementation

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, we hope that students will be able to describe and apply organizational behavior theories and concepts in international context.

Evaluation criteria for the course

Final grades will be assigned according to the following proportions: Group reports 40%, and Examination 60%.

Assessment scale:

Numerical evaluation scale (1-5) will be used on the course

Partial passing:

Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


Course Mandatory/Advisable Description
TETA-1016 Basics of Industrial Management Mandatory    
TETA-1107 Corporate Organisations and Leadership Mandatory    

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Correspondence of content

There is no equivalence with any other courses

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