Course Catalog 2007-2008

How to use this Course Catalogue

There are five teaching periods during the academic year and at the end of each period there is an examination week (please see the academic calendar for dates). The timing of the course (ie. the period(s) during which the course is being lectured) is marked in course description for example as follows:

  Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5
Lectures (h) 2 h/week + 2h/week + 2 h/week - -
Exercises (h) 2h/week + 2h/week + 2 h/week - -

In this case the duration of the course is three periods. The course is lectured during the first, second and third period and there are 2 hours of lectures per week during each period and 2 hours of exercises per week during each period. + sign after the number of hours / week means that the course continues during the following period also.

If the same course is being lectured more than once during the academic year (i.e. there are more than one separate implementation rounds), each implementation round has its own table.

Department of Architecture

Department of Automation

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Environmental Technology

Department of Industrial Engineering

Department of Information Technology

Department of Materials Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Science and Engineering