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Assembly Automation

Courses persons responsible
Reijo Tuokko

Programs: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering, Automation Engineering
  Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Summer
Seminar 12 h/per 12 h/per - - - -
Assignment 24 h/per 24 h/per - - - -
(Timetable for academic year 2007-2008)

Understanding the structure, principles and design rules of automated assembly systems especially for for light assembly production. Understanding the design for modularity, manufacture and assembly.

Content Core content Complementary knowledge Specialist knowledge
1. Knowledge of components, subsystems and principles of automated assembly systems, and interfaces to other production.       
2. Knowledge of design of products for modularity, manufacture, assembly and recycling.       
3. Knowledge of design of assembly systems for flexible high-volume and low-volume production.       

Requirements for completing the course
Approved exercises and examination on the material.

Evaluation criteria for the course

  • Used assessment scale is numeric (1-5)

  • Prerequisites
    Code Course Credits M/R
    TTE-5016 TTE-5016 Introduction to Robotics and Automation 5 Mandatory

    Prequisite relations (Sign up to TUT Intranet required)

    Additional information about prerequisites
    Basic knowledge in mechanical engineering and automation technology


    Literature will be announced in the begin of the course.

    Distance learning

  • ITC utilized during the course

  • - In information distribution via homepage, newsgroups or mailing lists, e.g. current issues, timetables
    - In compiling teaching material, particularly for online use or other electronic media
    - In compiling exercise, group or laboratory work
    - In distributing and/or returning exercise work, material etc
    - In the visualization of objects and phenomena, e.g. animations, demonstrations, simulations, video clips
    - The course utilizes a learning platform, which? Moodle

    Methods of instructionHours
    Lectures 2
    Exercises 18
    Assignments 44
    Laboratory assignments 3
    Seminar reports 50

    Other scaledHours
    Preparation for exam 16
    Exam/midterm exam 3
    Total sum 136

    Correspondence of content
    2702500 Automatic Assembly

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