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Opinto-opas 2005-2006


Person responsible
Professor Ulla Ruotsalainen

Jussi Tohka, Senior Researcher, jussi.tohka@tut.fi

Implementation rounds
Implementation 1
  Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5 Summer Language of instruction
Lecture - - - - - 16 h/week In English only
Exam   In English only
(Academic Calender 2005-2006)

The aim of the course is to introduce the basic properties of light microscopy with 3D and dynamic options together with the most relevant 3D image processing techniques. This course in intended for students and researchers with some basic knowledge of microscopy and image processing.

Content Core content Complementary knowledge Specialist knowledge
1. Physics of light microscopes
concept of resolution and contrast
different imaging modes
limits of operation
Application areas
fixed sample imaging
live sample imaging
2. Confocal microscopy from principles to practice:
Principles of confocal optics
theoretical and practical considerations
Practical confocal microscopy
Techniques behind the curtain - preparing the biological samples for imaging.
Specific labelling of biological targets
Fluorescence resonance energy transfer
Application examples 
3. Special techniques utilising confocal optics
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Single molecule detection
Two-photon excitation of fluorescence
Resolution enhancement
4Pi confocal microscopy
On fluorescent labeling.    
4. Automatic analysis of 3-D images
filtering in 3 dimensions (gaussian, anisotropic diffusion)
image segmentation by thresholding
imaging artefacts
motivation for spatial information modeling 
5. Spatial prior information in 3-D image segmentation
Markov random fields
deformable models
level sets and gradient flows 

Requirements for completing the course
Exam and written review of one of the topics of the course.

Assessment criteria
To pass the course the student has to pass the exam based on the lectures and make a short written review of the given literature material related to the topics of the course.

  • Used assessment scale is passed / failed
  • Prerequisites
    Number Name Credits M/R
    SGN-1106 Introductory Signal Processing 3 Recommendable
    SGN-1200 Signal Processing Methods 4 Recommendable
    SGN-1250 Signal Processing Applications 4 Recommendable
    SGN-3010 Digital Image Processing I 5 Recommendable
    SGN-3016 Digital Image Processing I 5 Recommendable

    Other comments
    Additional lectures are given by Prof. Pekka Hänninen, Laboratory of Biophysics, University of Turku and Juhani Soini, Ph. D., ArcDia Ltd.

  • The course is suitable for postgraduate studies.
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