Etusivu » Tampere regional travel survey 2012, respondents under 15 years of age

Tampere regional travel survey 2012, respondents under 15 years of age

> suomeksi: Tampereen kaupunkiseudun ja Pirkanmaan liikennetutkimus 2012, alle 15-vuotiaat vastaajat

Start the questionnaire (survey closed – link no longer in use)

During the autumn 2012 a travel survey will be conducted in the Tampere region and surrounding municipalities in order to examine regional quantity and orientation of journeys. The survey will be conducted using interviews and traffic counts during the period from September to December. The survey is ordered by the municipalities of the Tampere region, ELY-centre of Pirkanmaa (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment), The Council of Tampere Region and Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Over 16 000 inhabitants from the region’s municipalities have been randomly selected to participate in the personal travel survey. Youngest participants are 6 years old inhabitants. For respondents under 15 years of age, the invitation has been sent to respondent’s adult guardian. You can take part in the survey by filling the internet questionnaire or by answering the telephone survey that begins in mid-September.

In this survey a journey means moving from one place to another on foot or by a vehicle. Examples of a journey are: a trip from home to school, return trip back from school to home, trip to a grocery store, return trip from the store, or trip from home to a day care center. For example going to grocery store includes two journeys: the trip to the store and the return trip back home.

The survey studies for example the length, quantity and timing of the journeys as well as the mode of transport and the meaning of the journey. The research day on which the observations should be done has been announced in the invitation sent to the respondents. This invitation also includes the research code for the internet questionnaire. The personal research day begins in the morning at 4:00 (4 am) and ends the next morning at 3:59 (3:59 am).

When answering the survey, the respondents have the opportunity to give feedback to traffic planners concerning the traffic system, for example road or street network, public transportation or the conditions of the pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Product prizes will be raffled between all the participants of the questionnaire.

You may start the on-line questionnaire by clicking the link below. The questionnaire will open in a new window. Please remember that in this case the respondent is your child and you are reporting on his/her behalf.

Start the questionnaire (survey closed – link no longer in use)

Further information on the travel survey:

Tampere University of Technology and Sito Oy are responsible for the travel survey´s personal travel interviews. The interviews will be conducted by Innolink Research Oy. For further information on the personal travel interviews please contact Tampere University of Technology.