Post: Research report: Information society and the demand for transport

Research report: Information society and the demand for transport

The information society and its various applications have been found to have substituting, generating and modifying effects on the demand for transport. In general, the information age seems to have a more diverse and complicated effect on the demand for physical transport than was suggested at the beginning of the fast development in information and communications technology (ICT). Electronic commerce and services are currently being developed in several sectors of trade and industry. It is very likely that the information society affects travel patterns and distribution structure, as well as land use and regional development.

This study collects some recent findings of the effects of the information society on the transport demand. The anticipated changes in travel demand by 2020 have been examined with three different social scenarios.

The study was funded by the Information Society Institute and Tampere University of Technology. The study was conducted at Tampere University of Technology in a research group led by professor Harri Kallberg. The report was written by senior research scientists Hanna Kalenoja and Jarkko Rantala.

Information Society and the Demand for Transport – Effects of Telecommunications on Travel Behaviour and Urban Freight Traffic; a report published by Tampere University Press
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