Post: Heikki Liimatainen appointed as professor in transport transformation

Heikki Liimatainen appointed as professor in transport transformation

Doctor of Science (Technology) Heikki Liimatainen has been designated as Assistant Professor (tenure track) at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) as from 15th February 2016. The field of professorship is transport transformation. As a professor Heikki Liimatainen will head the Transport Research Centre Verne at TUT. The aim of Transport Research Centre Verne is to promote the development of sustainable transport systems.

Transport sector is facing great changes in Finland and globally as climate change, digitalisation and economic constraints challenge traditional operating models of transport. ”One sixth of household consumption is transport related, and the logistics costs of companies are about 13 percent of revenues. Transport is vital for the societal welfare, but accidents and emissions caused by transport diminish the well-being.” Liimatainen states. Sustainable transport calls for a more holistic approach to transport system, e.g. analyses of the interactions between land use and transport infrastructure, modal choices of people, the business models that influence freight transport as well as renewal of vehicle and motive power technologies. Digitalisation offers new tools to affect especially modal choices and safety. Still, it is only a partial solution to grasp the challenges of transport.

Actions towards transport transformation are done on all levels from the municipalities’ transport investments to global climate agreement. ”Transport Research Centre has a strong tradition in research which supports decision-making. I personally strive to strengthen this with systemic and holistic research on alternative actions related to transport’s environmental, social and economic effects.” Liimatainen states.

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Heikki Liimatainen (born 1983) graduated as a Master of Science in 2008 and Doctor of Science in Technology in 2013. Liimatainen has worked at Tampere University of Technology since 2005 and visited the Logistics Research Centre at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, in 2009-2010. Liimatainen has been the transport expert in the Finnish Climate Panel since 2014.