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Transport Research Centre Verne

Transport Research Centre Verne promotes developing a sustainable, efficient and human-centred transport system with the means of research, education and their societal impact. Our strength is in analysing the transport system broadly and as wholeness. The transport system consists of passenger and freight transport, their demand and supply, in different transport modes. The transport system serves the needs of people, business life and society, and is connected to land use and urban structure as well as to logistic processes and supply networks.

Verne develops the transport systems with the means of science and acts as a bridge between theĀ scientific community and society. We support Finland being in the forefront of transport and logistics.

Verne is networking with actors nationally and internationally raising important research areas for the society. With its education Verne is securing that graduates from Tampere University are respected Masters of ScienceĀ in the field of transport

Transport Research Centre Verne is a research unit of about 10 people at Tampere University. Verne operates in the Faculty of Built Environment. The history of transport studies and research in Tampere goes back almost 50 years. Since 2011, we have been operating as Transport Research Centre Verne. Assistant Professor Heikki Liimatainen is the manager of Transport Research Centre Verne.