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Integrated transport system

Transport system ought to be analysed as an entity, understanding its societal connections. We aim for broad analysis, coupling the needs and solutions, and seeing transport as an enabler of a good life. The research has a strong connection with future challenges and opportunities.

Integrated transport systems means more than the viewpoint of one transport mode. Finland is a part of global development and transport system, and the international development affects strongly the operational environment.

Big picture of transport; the connection between transport and societal development

Examples of research projects in this research area:

  • The future regional structure and transport system in Finland
  • Maritime transport scenarios to 2030 in Finland – background report for strategy on maritime transport

Research in the level of transport system and beyond single transport modes

Examples of research projects in this research area:

  • Synergies and conflicts in safety and environmental effect of transport
  • Development of passenger and freight transport to 2035

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