NORFREN – Nordic comparison on the CO2 emissions and energy efficiency of road freight transport

Improvement of energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are highly important global goals. Information considering energy use and emissions and measures to improve efficiency and reduce emissions are needed in every sector of our society in order to mitigate climate change and to respond to rising energy prices. Information and measures are also needed in the freight transport and logistics sector. However, information about energy use in road freight transport is often insufficient for understanding the relationships between economic activity, road freight transport and carbon dioxide emissions.

This research improves the quality of this information in order to enable deep understanding of the past development and possible futures of the energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions of road freight transport.

The results of the research are disseminated through this online tool which provides information on the level of energy efficiency of hauliers and road freight transport of various branches of economy in each country. The online tool also includes calculators which allows you to forecast the future carbon dioxide emissions of road freight transport and calculate the energy efficiency index of your own road freight operations.

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