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Efficient logistics

Globalisation and networking increases transport volumes and distances. Both economics and mitigating climate change are building ground for resource efficiency. With its research Verne is promoting logistics and a freight transport system which serves people and business reliably, promotes the competitiveness of business and Finland and has a low impact on the environment.

Research-based answers to real-life problems 

Examples of research projects in this research area:

  • Economic structure and freight transport to 2050
  • Managing supply networks and added value with new tools
  • Logistics and freight transport system for national security of supply
  • Supporting the responsibility of transport companies
  • The implications of high-capacity trucks
  • Analysing challenges in city logistics
  • Developing operation modes for unit load and intermodal transports
  • Energy efficiency of road transport in Nordic countries
  • Scenarios for maritime transport in the Baltic Sea

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