1st International conference on Mobility as a Service
Tampere, Finland 28.–29.11.2017

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Hei, my name is Marc and I’m an Environmental Science Master’s student from ETH Switzerland. I had the pleasure to stay in Tampere for two weeks to work and conduct interviews for my master’s thesis. The Verne research group and its open minded team was my host during that time, providing me with a place to work and also lots of insights into Finnish culture. 

Doctor of Science (Technology) Heikki Liimatainen has been designated as Assistant Professor (tenure track) at Tampere University of Technology (TUT) as from 15th February 2016. The field of professorship is transport transformation. As a professor Heikki Liimatainen will head the Transport Research Centre Verne at TUT. The aim of Transport Research Centre Verne is to promote the development of sustainable transport systems.

Winter maintenance has significant impact on our society. With properly managed winter maintenance it is possible to create safe conditions to travel in the point of view of both individuals and the business life. But when there are problems in maintenance the effects for the whole traffic system can be significant. Winter maintenance does not have an impact only on the traffic safety and traffic flow but it also affects the reliability of business life and creates significant economic consequences.

The promotion of walking and cycling is a key question when improving the vitality of our cities. This book brings together information on walking and cycling for the base of urban planning for planners and decision makers. The book will hopefully increase enthusiasm and knowledge on how to develop walking and cycling conditions in cities.

Traffic and urban planning is a powerful way to promote active mobility in cities. Cycling should be faster, easier and more convenient way to move than using car. Then bicycle is a real alternative and people may more likely choose bicycle instead of car. It requires short cuts to cyclists when car drivers have to make detours.  It is enabled in comprehensive traffic network plan that is based on cycling-friendly policy in a city.

The targets to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions to mitigate climate change are as much applicable to the road freight transport sector as they are to all other sectors of society. The aim of this research is to support the initiatives of the Finnish government for improving the energy efficiency and reducing the CO2 emissions of road freight transport. This is done by forecasting the future development and giving the policy makers guidance on effective measures for promoting road freight energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.