Post: Dissertation: Future of energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions of Finnish road freight transport

Dissertation: Future of energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions of Finnish road freight transport

The targets to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions to mitigate climate change are as much applicable to the road freight transport sector as they are to all other sectors of society. The aim of this research is to support the initiatives of the Finnish government for improving the energy efficiency and reducing the CO2 emissions of road freight transport. This is done by forecasting the future development and giving the policy makers guidance on effective measures for promoting road freight energy efficiency and CO2 reduction.

In the study a new method was introduced for connecting the fuel consumption data and goods transport data gathered from the official Finnish road statistics. This method enabled a detailed analysis of the interrelations between the economy, road freight transport, energy consumption and emissions. This analysis was conducted for the years 1995–2010 and the results were used as background information in the Delphi panel of experts. The experts estimated the development of the Finnish road freight sector to the year 2030. Furthermore, a web-based survey was conducted among Finnish road freight hauliers and shippers in order to explore the attitudes and measures related to the energy efficiency. Expert panel workshops were also organised to identify obstacles for the development of the energy efficiency of road freight transport as well as a wide selection of measures to overcome them.

The results indicate that the economic development of different branches has a great effect on the energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions of road freight transport. Reaching the carbon emission target for the year 2030 is possible in the light of the scenarios which were formed based on expert forecasts. However, the target can be achieved with very different development paths, e.g. the structure of the national economy and the volume of transport seem to vary widely in the different scenarios. In the proposed recommendations on the measures for achieving the targets, cooperation and division of responsibilities between various stakeholders of the road freight sector are emphasized.

M.Sc. Heikki Liimatainen will publicly defend his doctoral thesis “Future of Energy Efficiency and Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Finnish Road Freight Transport” on Friday,17th May 2013 at 12 in Festia Small Auditorium 1 at TUT, Faculty of Business and Built Environment.

Professor Nils-Olof Nylund (VTT) will act as the opponent and Professor Jarkko Rantala from the Department of Business Information Management and Logistics will act as custos for the occasion.

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