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8th International Summer School

New Frontiers in Optical Technologies

International Summer School 2013

10 - 14 August 2015,
Tampere, Finland
3 ECTS credits

The International Summer School 'New Frontiers in Optical Technologies', a biennial event held at Tampere University of Technology, is scheduled to take place on 10 - 14 August 2015. This year's event will build on the success of previous Schools. We have had about 1000 participants in the past from about 40 countries. In 2015 the School will once again offer students and researchers the opportunity to exchange scientific ideas, create contacts, and gain inspiration from leading professionals at the cutting edge of optical technology.


The final program is online. However, we would like to remind participants that this is a summer school and hence the lectures have some flexibility on the hours and breaks can be shifted as needed. The ending on Friday and the beginning on Monday will, however, are fixed so that participants can arrange their travel schedules.

List of lecturers and topics

  • Prof. Serge Mordon, Research Professor, INSERM, France
    • Medical applications of new laser technologies & Photodynamic therapy
  • Prof. Huiyun Liu, University College London, UK
    • Heteroepitaxy of III-V/Si optoelectronic devices: the path to merge optics and electronics
  • Dr. Ronald Sroka, Munich University, Germany
    • Use of lasers in surgery
  • Prof. John M. Dudley, University of Franche-Comté, France
    • 1000 years of optics, 50 years of solitons
  • Prof. Fredrik Laurell, KTH, Sweden
    • Nonlinear optical materials and their applications
  • Prof. Christoph Lienau, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany
    • Ultrafast nano-optics
  • Dr. Günter Steinmeyer, MBI, Germany
    • Measurement of amplitude and phase of ultrashort laser pulses
  • Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta, RP Photonics, Germany
    • Fiber optics in Lasers and amplifiers, also brief tutorial on research ethics
  • Dr. Christoph Vannahme, DTU, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
    • Photonic crystal sensors for high frame rate imaging refractometry
  • Dr. Taras Redchuk, University of Helsinki, Finland
    • Natural photoreceptors as a source of optogenetic tools and fluorescent proteins


The registration for the summer school will open in January 2015. The registration requires the users to log in to the registration system. Registration fees are listed in the registration page.

Poster Session

An opportunity will be provided for participants to exhibit posters describing their work. If you intend to display a poster during the Summer School, please indicate this in the registration form (or send an email to if you have already registered). Abstract presentation does not require an abstract, so no need to send files to organizers.

School venue   

Tampere University of Technology (TUT), link for the map of TUT.


Information about accommodation possibilities can be found from our accommodation page.

Travel instructions

Travel instructions to TUT can be from from our travel instruction page.

Organizing team:

Director of the School

Prof. Mircea Guina
Optoelectronics Research Centre

Project manager, primary contact person

Dr. Lasse Orsila
Tel. +358 40 733 6684
Email: (general summer school matters)
Email: (urgent matters)


Mrs. Eija Heliniemi
Optoelectronics Research Centre
Tel. +358 50 301 0007

Head of office

Mrs. Anne Viherkoski
Optoelectronics Research Centre
Tel. +358 40 849 0002


Prof. Tapio Niemi, ORC
Director, Dr. Pekka Savolainen, ORC
Prof. Martti Kauranen, Physics Department

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