B2B in Social Media inspired by SXSW.

I attended SXSWedu for a presentation about UX testing and how the end users should be implemented in the design process of any digital solution. I stayed in Austin for the interactive part of SXSW as well with the intention to attend sessions with any kind of associations towards B2B and social media. It surprises me what a small role this still plays in the B2B communication at this day and age. While lot of the networking naturally continues on twitter, LinkedIn etc, there were not that many sessions that directly presented examples of successful B2B social media communication. One session I attended was called A2Z of B2B. While every letter stood for an important aspect of B2B business, the letter S did not directly stand for Social Media but for “social”. By this the presenters meant advertising, media monitoring, content and analytics. They complemented this explanation by noting that “B2B has been really slow picking up on Social Media”.

All of my descriptions from the sessions I attended are found on both MediaCity Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mediacityfinland?ref=hl

and also on our blog at http://mediacityfinland.posterous.com/

A personal reflection from SXSWedu was that it is within the digitalization of the education that we are creating the foundations for future B2B business through social media. The shift from “traditional” education to digital education is at hand. In just a few years the market will bee flooding with not onnly educational software, but also tools for communication between students, teachers, schools and parents. This in my opinion is going to change the way future employees conduct business. If the new ways of communicating are implemented in school, there are no good reasons to change to something that is no longer relevant.

While the transformation from traditional education to digital will bee filled with challenges, there lies a lot of opportunities to prepare the students for tools and practices that they will need in the future.

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