SELL Games is a multinational student sport event including several different sports. This year in SELL Games Tampere there are 18 different sports to join. Sports are organized in different venues around the Tampere city. The campus of Tampere University of Technology is the heart of the SELL Games. Several hundreds of participants will accommodate at the floor lodging organized at the campus. Also SELL catering and event office will be located at the campus. Over 1500 participants will attend the Games so there are many tasks and duties to deal with in the Games.

By volunteering this event you will have many new friends and you will meet students from different countries. This is a great opportunity to have an international experience and to practice your organizing and team work skills!


Volunteers will have:

  • SELL staff clothing like T-shirt
  • free entrance to SELL events
  • meals during the event weekend
  • transportation during the event between campus and venues
  • free floor lodging during the event
  • some other product prizes etc.
  • certificate of working in the Games as a volunteer

Here you can sign up:

in finnish: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/SELL_Games_2016_VAPAAEHTOISET_7958/fi

in english: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/SELL_Games_2016_VAPAAEHTOISET_7958/en

There are many tasks to fulfill to ensure that the event will be a success and participants are satisfied with arrangements. Example tasks of the Games; team/athlete guide, transportation, score office, catering, accommodation at TUT, side events and free time activities. In addition average English skills will be valued, also other language skills are needed during the event.

As a volunteer you use your time as much as you have and help with your best abilities. Different tasks will be shared by the interests of individuals and tasks can be carried out in small groups, pairs or individually during the event. Being present during the competition event is vital because then there is a need for many helpers. Before the actual competition days there are tlot of things to do preparing the Games and venues etc.


Later in February the volunteer questionary will be opened on this webpage. SELL organizers hope volunteers to enroll in latest by 15th of April.
Questions and applications of early birds can already be send to organizers via email sellgames2016@tut.fi.


Tasks for volunteers for example can be (tasks will be updated in March!):

Score office

Score office is very vital point for the Games to success. At the competition venues is a need for volunteers to help to have the right score in time to official score office. Also help with other tasks at the venue is needed.


Sport venues of the Games are all over Tampere. All the participants need to transport to venues and to campus during the event. All the participants need to be helped to be in the right place in right time.


Floor lodging is one choice for participants to stay. It will be organized at the campus of TUT in classrooms and other facilities. For floor lodging we need to empty the class rooms and help participants to find their place.

Side events

SELL Games often have side events like opening ceremony, closing ceremony and disco. Also some free time activities will be organized, for example billiard or bowling etc.

SELL office

SELL office is the most important place of the Games. Participants sing up in the office when the Games start. Info and help desk will be available during the event in the office.

Guiding the teams in the Games

Many teams don’t know Tampere region or Finnish culture. We need to prepare to answer the questions and to give help during the event. Language skills are needed to tell the right information to all the participants with out misunderstandings.