Updates in the sports of SELL Student Games 2016

Check out some details of certain SELL Games 2016 sports. Some clarifications has been done to athletics, Super Total and badminton and a new sport, Freestyle dance battle, has been added to the program!


New sport added; Freestyle Dance Battle!

Freestyle dance battle was added to the program in February. Dance competition will be held on Saturday 14th of May in a shopping center called Koskikeskus, in the center of Tampere city. Sport was added thanks to local break dance group Cosmic Lizard Squad, who is organizing the competition together with SELL organization. Competition includes two categories; solo and team. In one team maximum number of members is ten. Official referees of the competition will be published later.

Changes in the Track and Field sports list

Athletics will be organized on 13-14 of May in Hervanta Athletics stadium near the SELL campus area. In athletics there will be 15 different track and field sports to join. Last checks are ready and the list is now final. Walking was unfortunately removed from the list due the circumstances. SELL organizers added hammer to list in late February. Hammer competition will be held in the Tampere exhibition and sports center TESC on Saturday 14th of May. Competition days for track and field sports is found on the website of the Games.

Super Total competition for weightlifters and powerlifters

Super Total competition will be held in SELL Games at the same time with powerlifting and weightlifting. Sport venue for these sports, called Nääshalli, is located next to city center and is very common competition and training venue for lifters. Athletes can register either to Super Total only, or also to weightlifting or powerlifting. Weight categories added to weightlifting competition lately. Check the license information of these sports from the SELL website carefully.

Badminton in two levels, advanced and hobby

Badminton will be played in SELL Games 2016 in two level categories, named advanced and hobby. Participant can choose the level he or she wants to play in the tournament. Advanced is for players who have trained longer time and competed regularly. Hobby is for players who have not trained so much or have not competed regularly recently. In both categories medals will be given to top two participants. Double games are also in the SELL Games program. Both women and men doubles will be organized. Participants can sing in as individuals when a partner will be determined by the draw before the competition. Participants can also sign in as partners for the double games beforehand. In double games, partners can be from different universities and from different countries.

Daily schedule of the sports

Competition days per sport can be seen in the schedule below. If some changes will occur, info will be updated to the website of SELL Games 2016. This picture was updated 11th of April.