SELL Student Games goes eSports!

In the year 2016 SELL Student Games takes a step forward to the future and includes eSport side events in the Games! Two different games are in the program and participants can even join the Heartstone online card game tournament.

Counter Strike – SELL Student Games show tournament

SELL Student Games 2016 together with Akateeminen Kynäriliiga organizes eSports on top of the traditional sports for the first time in the history of SELL Games! ESport game will be Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Akateeminen Kynäriliiga has organized big Counter Strike tournament for the students in the 2015 and more is coming this summer. SELL Games event is a pre-event for official Kynäriliiga tournament.

Four great academic teams from Tampere and Helsinki will be battling at campus of Tampere University of Technology on Saturday 14th May. Games start at 1PM and continues through the day. Everybody is free to enjoy the game and cheer for the teams.

You can also watch the stream at

1PM Semifinal 1
4PM Semifinal 2
7PM Final Game

Hearthstone tournament – SELL Games side-event


Hearthstone is a famous card game made by Blizzard. It has become one of the most popular eSports and is played by millions of players worldwide. SELL Games 2016 is proud to include some eSports in SELL Games 2016 that participants can join. Anybody can join the Heartstone tournament for free and take part in a different kind of tournament. Sign in if you have played Hearthstone and would be interested in participating in the tournament!

Signin in for the Heartstone tournament: Link to signin in to Heartstone tournament

There is free entry to all the events.
Place: Lecturehall TB103 (Korkeakoulunkatu 1, 33720 Tampere)

In cooperation with Counter Strike tournament: Jimm’s PC-Store Oy TiTe

Facebook page for Counter Strike tournament: SELL Student Games 2016 Tampere, Finland