SELL Student Games 2016 Tampere will offer to all the participants catering services including the participation fee. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the campus and some of the lunches will be packed for the teams to take away during the competition. Meals are provided only for the participation days that are paid.

Please note that there are rules to obey in catering; participants must show the accreditation card when entering the catering restaurant and amount of the food is limited in some cases. Please follow the instructions given in the catering restaurant.

Catering times (catering times updated 10/5/2016)

Dinner 7PM-10PM

Breakfast 7.30AM-9.30AM
Lunch 11.30AM-3PM
Dinner 4.30PM-7.30PM

Breakfast 7.00AM-9.30AM
Lunch 11.30AM-3PM
Dinner 6PM-9PM

Breakfast 7.30AM-9.30AM
Lunch 11.30AM-3PM


Catering meals included to participation fee

Participation fee includes catering three times per day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Catering is only for the days that participation fee is paid. Participants can choose the number of the participation days from the registration system. Please, choose carefully the right package to you in the registration system.

Packages (price for SELL countries*/non SELL countries)

€75/€90 From Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch

€75/€90 From Friday breakfast to Sunday lunch

€50/€60 From Thursday dinner to Saturday lunch

€50/€60 From Friday breakfast to Saturday dinner

€50/€60 From Saturday breakfast to Sunday lunch

€25/€30 From Friday breakfast to Friday dinner

€25/€30 From Saturday breakfast to Saturday dinner

*SELL countries are Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Buying extra meals

Extra meals can be bought by cash/credit card from the SELL catering restaurant (prices might be adjusted by the catering company!):
Breakfast €4,50
Lunch €6,00
Dinner €6,00

If big groups want to buy extra meals, please, inform us beforehand so there will be enough food: