PlasmaNice partners

Tampere University of Technology (TUT) Project coordinator

Tampere University of Technology (TUT) conducts scientific research in technology and architecture and provides the highest education within these fields. The university bases scientific activities on strong basic research and multidisciplinary applied research for the needs of business. There are more than a thousand research projects in progress at TUT each year and they involve a wide company representation.
Paper Converting Technology (PCT) offers high quality teaching and research on paper and paperboard converting, technology and products. R&D work is focused on extrusion coating, laminating, dispersion coating and applications. Major fields of research include, for example,  high-barrier coatings, surface treatment, biodegradable/renewable/recyclable products and digital printing. PCT has a well-equipped laboratory, pilot scale equipment for both research and education and a unique pilot line for (co)extrusion coating and laminating. PCT has collaborations with other universities, research institutes as well as the paper converting industry and related raw material manufacturers both in Finland and elsewhere. TUT is located in Tampere, the third largest city in Finland.
VITO (Dutch acronym for Flemish Institute for Technological Research) is a multidisciplinary public research centre which implements client-driven research projects and develops innovative products and processes. A staff of nearly 500 people makes this organisation a crossroads of technology, where state-of-the-art know-how is successfully blended into practical applications. VITO’s seven Centres of Expertise address advanced material developments, rational production and consumption of energy, and environmental protection. VITO is located in the region of Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, in a small city called Mol.

Fraunhofer Institut Silicatforschung (Fh-ISC)

The Fraunhofer Institut Silicatforschung is a member of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, a non-profit organisation of applied research which comprises 58 different institutes. The  activities of the institute involve the application oriented development of non-metallic inorganic materials (glass, ceramics) and inorganic-organic hybrid materials from chemically dissolved precursors using chemical nanotechnology. The second core competence includes the application of  technologies of materials,  such as composites, powders, fibres and coatings. The institute is located in the city of Wurzburg in Germany.

Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT)

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a non-profit research organisation which provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. From its  broad knowledge base, VTT can combine different technologies, create innovations and a substantial range of world class technologies and applied research services thus improving its clients’ competitiveness and competence. VTT has an extensive history in processing and natural materials research, with targets in biopolymers such as starch derivatives and lactide-based polymers. VTT has an international scientific and technology network and is the biggest contract research organisation in Northern Europe. VTT is based in Espoo, near Helsinki.

Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE)

Eindhoven University of Technology has the primary objective of providing young people with an academic education within the “engineering science & technology” domain. In the research field, within this same domain the TUE prefers to focus on the specific areas in which it takes or can take a significant role in the international scientific world, and in which it can make meaningful contributions to the knowledge-intensive industries and other sectors with a high technology intensity. In 2006 TUE had 160 professors and 639 PhD students. TUE is located in the city of Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands.
The fields of research of the Jozef Stefan Institute include basic and applied research and development activities in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, electronics, information technology, rector technique and energetics. The Department of Surface Engineering is part of the JSI and its activity is oriented to surface, interface and thin film analysis, instrumentation development, surface engineering, plasma applications, vacuum optoelectronics, UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) techniques and technologies. This research group is specialised in depth profiling of thin films and multi-layers, but an important activity is also plasma surface engineering. The JSI is located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Stora Enso Oyj (SE)

Stora Enso is an integrated paper, packaging and forest products company, producing publication and fine paper, packaging board and wood products. Stora Enso is one of the world’s leading producers of packaging boards and papers. The company’s operations cover the total production chain from the forest to the end user; from large scale research and development work to advanced environmental practices. The Group is present in more than 40 countries on five continents. The Stora Enso headquarters is based in Helsinki, Finland.

AFS Entwicklungs + Vertriebs GmbH (AFS)

AFS Entwicklungs + Vertriebs GmbH produces highly innovative and reliable corona treatment systems and perforation machines and is one of the key market players in the corona industry. Activities started with pre-treatments of blown and cast film extrusion but gradually expanded to other application areas like extrusion laminating and printing lines. The equipment is built to run in the harshest of industrial environments and the wide diversity of AFS treatment stations demonstrates the flexible approach towards customer-oriented solutions. The company is located in Germany, in the city of Neusass.

Segers & Balcaen (SB)

Segers & Balcaen is one of the most important flexible packaging printers in Europe offering solutions that provide a higher and more consistent print quality on the widest range of flexible packaging materials. Products are found in food and beverages packaging , pet food packaging, hygiene packaging and technical and industrial packaging. SB is engaged in intensive R&D and innovation of new products and the improvement of existing ones. The company has two production facilities in Belgium, located at Liedekerke and Diest.

Print 2000 Nyomda Kft (PNK)

Print 2000 Nyomda is a printing house producing mainly books, flyers, folders, boxes, brochures, envelopes, DM letters, posters etc. Most common substrates are coated papers, offset papers and boards which are maximum 1 mm thick, but creative papers might be used as well. PKN is located in Hungary, at Kecskemét, 80 km from Budapest.

SurA Chemicals GmbH (SurA)

The main activities of SurA Chemicals are in the fields of development and production of coatings and adhesives as well as of special chemicals and technical equipment for surface technologies. Surface technologies comprise: flame-enhanced surface silicating of surfaces for adhesion improvement, coatings with hydrophilic, easy-to-clean, biocompatible properties, scratch-resistant, dual-cure coatings for automative applications, coatings and fleeces with bacterial cellulose. SurA is located in Bucha, Germany.

Sappi Netherlands Services BV (Sappi)

Sappi Fine Paper is the world’s leading producer of high quality coated fine paper used in printing, in everything from art books to quality magazines to wine labels. The company is the largest and lowest cost producer of the chemical cellulose pulp used to produce viscose fibre. SAPPI manufactures on four continents and has 25 sales offices around the world, supplying paper to customers in over 100 countries. The R&D Department involved in this project is based in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Risø is a national laboratory at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Risø has large test facilities and interdisciplinary research environments that make it possible to solve problems across traditional professional boundaries and competencies. Research is furthermore the basis of customer-driven activities including advice to the business community, institutions and authorities. The System Analysis Department, which will be directly involved in this project, has wide experience in the field of environmental and industrial risk assessment related to prototype development, task analysis including security applications, and has close cooperation with the Materials Research Department. Risøis based in Lyngby, Denmark.

2B Consulenza Ambientale  (2B)

2B is an environmental consultancy specialised in life cycle assessment (LCA), which offers a range of related services like ecodesign, ecolabel, industrial ecology, environmental strategy and marketing. 2B has experience in various sectors, like energy, waste, chemistry, agriculture, water management, paper and pulp, ceramics, building sector and furniture. 2B is active both in Italy and abroad with clients in many industrial sectors, public administration, research centres and  more than 25 Italian universities. 2B is based in Italy, near Venice.