ARK-43106 Architectural Design, Professional Course, 12 cr

Toteutuskerta ARK-43106 2018-02


The practice assignment is a relatively large public building.
The course consists of smaller theoretical practices done in groups, of a main practice done individually and of lectures.

In academic semester spring 2019 the topic of the course is "MAD Helsinki. New Museum of Architecture and Design in Helsinki A dialectics between content and container in Architecture". The course is arranged jointly with the course ARK-43100.

LEARNING EVENTS are joint with the course ARK-43100. PLEASE look for the learning events timetable from the course implementation of ARK-43100 Rakennussuunnittelun ammattikurssi (ARK-43100 2018-01) (but don't sign up to that course, please).

You can also follow the timetable at the Moodle, the coursecode is madhelsinki.


Periodi 3 - 4
Vastuuhenkilö Fernando Nieto Fernandez, Jenni Poutanen


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Independent work on exercise project, attending weekly studio meetings and critique sessions. Attending lectures in English and completing an exam in connection to the lectures.


Architecture , Arkkitehtuuri , International Students