BMT-61217 Biomedical Engineering Principles, 5 cr


Juha Nousiainen


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BMT-61217 2018-01 2 Juha Nousiainen
Approved assignments and final exam.


After passing the course, the student can: - describe fundamental concepts of Biomedical Engineering: research and development, impact to modern medicine and high-tech industry, - apply some engineering principles, modelling principles, and system theory to describe how the body works as a complicated biologic-physical system, - describe how the body is interacting with different external energies and how these interactions can be utilized in medical diagnostics and therapy, - analyze a generalized electronic medical instrumentation system, and be aware about the electrical hazards and safety of medical electronic devices, - apply the ideas of medical instrumentation system to measurements of basic physiological signals, and understand to role of physiological signal processing and analysis methods, - describe the principles biomedical imaging systems and properties of the medical images, and - describe the basics of medical therapy and control device systems.


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1. Biomedical engineering as a multidisciplinary field.  Future trends in BME research and industry.   
2. Engineering approach to human body. Biomechanics. Bioelectricity. Modelling principles of physiological systems.  Applications.   
3. Interaction of external energies with the human body. Bio-optics. Bioacoustics.   Applications.   
4. Physiological measurements. Noise problem. Biosignals and principles of signal processing and analysis.  Applications.   
5. Biomedical imaging systems. Principles of image processing and analysis.  Applicaions.   
6. Medical therapeutic and control devices.   Applications.   

Ohjeita opiskelijalle osaamisen tasojen saavuttamiseksi

The final grade of the course is determined based on the assessment of all part of the course. The weighting factor of each part is given at the beginning of the course. Grades 1-2: Learning outcomes have been achieved with minimal insufficiency. Satisfactory command in core content of the course. Grades 3-4: Some learning outcomes have been exceeded qualitatively or quantitatively. Good command in core content and complementary knowledge of course content. Good or very good marks from all parts of the course. Grade 5: Most of the learning outcomes have been exceeded. Deep command in the whole content of the course. Almost maximum performance in all parts of the course.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


Opintojakso P/S Selite
BMT-61110 Ihmisen fysiologia Mandatory   1
BMT-61116 Human Anatomy and Physiology Mandatory   1

1 . one of these

Tietoa esitietovaatimuksista
This course BMT-61217 Biomedical Engineering Principles replaces the previous course BMT-61216 Biomedical Engineering: Signals and Systems, and cannot be taken if the course BMT-61216 has been taken. This course also overlaps partly with the previous courses BMT-61150 Ihmisen fysikaaliset ominaisuudet and BMT-61156 Physics of the Human Body, and can be taken if BMT-61150/BMT-61156 has been taken.


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