RAK-23636 Geoenvironmental Engineering, 8 cr

Additional information

The course is organized both on autumn and spring semester.
The course is intended for international students and for those Finnish students, who are not taking either courses RAK-22610 or RAK-23620 as mandatory.

Person responsible

Minna Leppänen, Pirjo Kuula


Implementation Period Person responsible Requirements
RAK-23636 2018-01 1 - 2 Pirjo Kuula
Minna Leppänen
Individual tasks in Moodle and presentations in lectures
RAK-23636 2018-02 - Pirjo Kuula
Minna Leppänen
Individual weekly tasks and quizzes in moodle and a seminar

Learning Outcomes

Based on this course, student will be able to: describe the geological processes and their effect on construction and human activities and vice versa; compare the environmental effects of earth construction and aggregate production to the national regulations; name by-products potential for civil engineering and describe their technical and environmental properties; describe the transportation, retardation and attenuation processes of contaminants in soil; describe the landfill bottom and cover structures and other ground water protection structures and their performance and administrative requirements; choose a proper material for typical ground water protection structures; plan soil investigations for soil contamination and choose suitable remediation method; find the reliable and relevant information sources and review and report the information critically.


Content Core content Complementary knowledge Specialist knowledge
1. Impact of geological hazards to human activities (erosion, weathering, natural concentration of contaminants, natural disasters)      
2. Impact of human activities to geological environment (construction activities and land use, aggregate production, climate change)      
3. Recycling of industrial by-products and other waste in earth construction; environmental and technical suitability      
4. Soil and ground water contamination: Principles of mechanics of contaminant transportation, Soil investigations and assessment of soil contamination, Remediation methods, Materials and structures in soil and groundwater protection      

Study material

Type Name Author ISBN URL Additional information Examination material
Online book   Geological Hazards. Their Assessments, Avoidance and Migitation   Bell F.G.   978-0-203-01466-0     Availabl in campus network   Yes   
Online book   Natural Attenuation of Contaminants in Soils   Mulligan Catherine N. & Yong Raymond N.   978-0-203-50821-3     Availble in TUT campus area   Yes   

Correspondence of content

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