Making and reviewing of submissions are organised with conference management system. New submissions cannot be submitted any more, and the abstract submissions, which we received in autumn 2010, were reviewed during October. Papers should have been submitted in December 2010.

Information on submitting papers
The length of paper should not exceed 8 pages, when it is written according to these writing instructions (doc template / pdf). Please upload your paper at first in pdf format and later on also in doc format, when it is possible. Make sure that the uploaded file does not include author info (not even in document description). Author and organisation info should be included only to the final version of the paper. After submitting your paper, you will receive a notification to your email.

You can edit your submission information (authors, contact information etc.), which you have given earlier, through the Edit Submission link. If you want to upload or update your paper, use the Upload File link. This will replace the earlier version of your submission, if it exists. You can also see your submission files (abstract or paper) by using the View File link.

To make any changes you will need your submission’s ID number and password. Submitting and editing of papers will be closed on 16th December 2010, for the time of the first reviewing.