How to create value from knowledge with technology and governance?

Novi research center brings together researchers working in the area of information and knowledge management. Novi operates as a part of the Department of Information management and logistics at Tampere University of Technology. Novi aims to understand phenomena that relate to knowledge economy and knowledge-based value creation. Together with our partner organizations we develop methods and tools to better manage knowledge resources. This page introduces the main themes of our research and gives some examples of the research questions we aim to answer. 

We co-operate closely with companies, public organizations and voluntary sector. This ensures us the research material and also possibilities to identify the most current practical challenges. We openly share our research results and interesting material relating to our research themes in the social media. You can follow us on Twitter, YouTube and Slideshare.

Knowledge processes and policies

How can IT acquisition processes be enhanced and optimized? How to support the development and implementation of IT systems? How can the performance of a company be improved with IT systems? How can master data be managed? How can information quality be improved? How to build a working enterprise architecture? Our research projects that examine these themes are, amongst others the OMG-project and ENACT-project.

Creating and utilizing knowledge

How can organizations create and utilize new knowledge effectively? How can value be co-created over organizational boundaries? How to motivate knowledge workers and enhance innovation?  How to involve customer and other stakeholders in the business by using social media and other novel information technologies?  Our research projects that examine these themes are, amongst others the NEMO-projectVALIT-project and SPEED-project.

Measuring & information analytics

How to measure the productivity of knowledge work? How can information analytics create new knowledge to support business activities? How can simulation and modelling be utilized to support decision making? How to visualize and present information effectively to support decision making? Our research projects that examine these themes are, amongst others the SPEED-project and VALIT-project.

Who we are?

Petri Nokelainen : Professor
Petri Nokelainen

Nina Helander : Associate Professor (tenure track)
Nina Helander
Associate Professor (tenure track)
050 400 4275
Henri Pirkkalainen : Assistant Professor (tenure track)
Henri Pirkkalainen
Assistant Professor (tenure track)
050 437 1567
Jari Jussila : Postdoctoral Researcher
Jari Jussila
Postdoctoral Researcher
040 717 8345
Vilma Vuori : Postdoctoral Researcher
Vilma Vuori
Postdoctoral Researcher
040 757 4272
Maiju Vuolle : Postdoctoral Researcher
Maiju Vuolle
Postdoctoral Researcher
040 559 6424
Virpi Sillanpää : Postdoctoral Researcher
Virpi Sillanpää
Postdoctoral Researcher
040 746 9330
Ilona Ilvonen : Postdoctoral Researcher
Ilona Ilvonen
Postdoctoral Researcher
040 594 0479
Susanna Hartikainen : Researcher
Susanna Hartikainen
050 447 8526
Heta Rintala : Researcher
Heta Rintala
050 301 6195
Jussi Myllärniemi : Researcher
Jussi Myllärniemi
040 546 3398
Pasi Hellsten : Researcher
Pasi Hellsten
050 336 6400
Tytti Vasell : Researcher
Tytti Vasell
050 447 8553
Johanna Horstia : Researcher
Johanna Horstia

Hannele Väyrynen : Researcher
Hannele Väyrynen
050 301 1294
Miikka Palvalin : Researcher
Miikka Palvalin
044 032 1011
Osku Torro : Researcher
Osku Torro

Aleksi Roima : Research Assistant
Aleksi Roima
Research Assistant
040 072 3070
Joel Vanhalakka : Research Assistant
Joel Vanhalakka
Research Assistant