Workspace as a service

The need for multi-locational work has increased since the work has become more and more independent from time and location. In addition to multi-locational work, working in virtual environment has increased. The user needs create a business opportunity for the real estate service providers: the new user needs can be fulfilled by a new service. In this research project, the main aim is to develop a smart service that supports multi-locational working. In the development of the smart service, methods and approaches from lean management are used. The lean methods aim for customer value creation and waste elimination. The smart service will create value especially for the users, but also for the service provider and the society thanks to the growing real estate service market.

The research project is organized as co-operation of three research teams and three industrial partners: REB and BES research teams from Aalto University School of Engineering, Novi research center from Tampere University of Technology, Senate Properties, ISS and TeliaSonera. The project will be carried out during 2015–2017 and it is funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, research organisations and participating companies.

Contact person (Aalto): Tuuli Jylhä
Contact person (TUT): Maiju Vuolle

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