OMG-project (purchaser-vendor guru) is a Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) funded research project, which studies the acquisition of software, hardware, information systems, and related services, i.e. IT acquisition. Despite the growing importance of IT to public sector services and private sector business, numerous acquisition projects are reported to having failed because of exceeding costs and schedules, or unattainable objectives. OMG-project provides several alternatives to improve IT acquisition and its processes by providing a holistic approach, acknowledging the cooperative and collaborative nature of IT acquisition both inside and between the organizations, and emphasizing knowledge transfer between the parties – all despite the type of acquired IT.

The study is conducted in a close cooperation with Tekes and participating organizations. Their acquisition processes are studied and improved by using action design research approach providing concrete instructions for the organizations and generalizable results for the larger audience. In addition, some surveys and expert panel studies are conducted. These activities generate new knowledge and concrete tools, models, and practices to improve IT acquisition from the purchaser side and the vendor side. Participating organizations benefit by improved acquisition processes and broader understanding of its challenges. Other organizations get tested models, practices, and instructions for acquiring different kinds of IT.

TUT researchers:

Prof. Samuli Pekkola

Project Manager Pasi Hellsten