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Muovi- ja elastomeeritekniikka

The research group of Plastics and Elastomer Technology focuses on polymeric materials: plastics, rubbers and their composites. The research of the group can be presented in brief as follows:

The science of using the interfaces and interphases to tailor the properties of polymer based composites and new materials for applications with functional properties for demanding applications

Our group has a vision to become a group with increasing recognition among our colleagues in academia as well as in plastics and composite industry. In order to achieve our target, we have formulated a strategy with two well-defined target focus areas.

In other words, we have in-depth skills and emphasis on characterization and analysis of ageing in polymers, supported by a strong team of computational materials science focusing on high-performance composites and new degradable polymers.

The core competence areas of the group are simulation, processing of polymer based materials and testing of their mechanical, wear and thermo-electric properties.

The group has national and international research projects in the field of polymer and composite materials and gives also consulting based on customer needs. The group maintains a versatile research equipment specialized in the analysis of polymeric materials but utilizes also the equipment of the Laboratory of Materials Science.


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Contact persons: Assistant Professor (tenure track) Mikko Kanerva and Assistant Professor (tenure track) Essi Sarlin

Research services: Dr. Minna Poikelispää (Link to the research facilities)

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