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Muovi- ja elastomeeritekniikka

The research group of Plastics and Elastomer Technology focuses on polymeric materials: plastics, rubbers and their composites. The core competence areas of the group are processing of polymer based materials and testing of their mechanical, wear and thermo-electric properties. The research topics of the group can be summarized in the following research question: How to use the interfaces and interphases to tailor the properties of polymer based composites and hybrid materials for applications with functional properties for demanding applications.

The group has national and international research projects in the field of polymer and composite materials and gives also consulting based on customer needs. The group maintains a versatile research equipment specialized in the analysis of polymeric materials but utilizes also the equipment of the Laboratory of Materials Science.


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Contact persons: Assistant Professor (tenure track) Mikko Kanerva and Assistant Professor (tenure track) Essi Sarlin

Research services: Dr. Minna Poikelispää

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