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Innovation Meets Psychology - open seminar

Päivitetty: 04.01.2017 12:16
Image source: 123rf
Image source: 123rf
Tapahtuma-aika: 12.01.2017 klo 14:15 - 16:30
Paikka: TB103, Tietotalo
Korkeakoulunkatu 1
Lisätietoja: Thomas Olsson
040 8490 819

Ilmoittautumiset: https://www.facebook.com/events/1518360378178344/
Linkit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1518360378178344/

What has psychology to do with innovation? What makes a great team and an innovative organization? With whom should you actually collaborate?

Welcome to hear four inspirational talks by internationally recognized experts!

Highly recommended for anyone interested in R&D, entrepreneurship, innovation culture, social networking, data science, or the human side of technology.

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The innovator inside you is tomorrow's professional by Ravi Daswani, serial entrepreneur

Mr. Daswani will be sharing his journey of self-discovery with the lessons he learnt while working in Google, Facebook and then going on to start up his own companies. He will focus on: 

  • What makes these tech companies great places to work in and how they create a culture to drive innovation
  • Personal growth, company culture and the role every individual plays in an organization
  • The importance of defining your own personal goals and targets


Innovate or die — Deep insights into innovation psychology by Professor emeritus Vesa Routamaa

Prof. Routamaa (University of Vaasa) will outline the cognitive psychological fundaments of innovation work. He is, globally, one of few experts who have studied success and innovation in relation to personality and team structure. He will shed light on how to identify one’s optimal role in group work and how to form successful teams.


Discover your personal and team innovation style by Dr. Ahmed Shalaby

Dr. Shalaby is the lead strategist of HITLab, driving their mission of creating digital tools for team formation and enhancing professional collaboration. He will talk about finding one’s cognitive style and how to best use that in innovation activities and group work. Talking about multi-disciplinarity, Ahmed's background is in cardiac surgery.


Using Data Science and Network Analysis for Professional Matchmaking by Prof. Hannu Kärkkäinen and Adj. prof. Thomas Olsson

Hannu and Thomas are leading an Academy of Finland research project that explores how network analysis, data science and machine learning could be applied for intelligent professional matchmaking. Basically, we’re building a "Tinder for professionals".


The seminar is organized by TUT and HITLab Oy (Human Information Technology Laboratory Oy), a Tampere-based startup that develops intelligent digital solutions for complex issues in professional collaboration. Their product, GenieTeams, is a tool for team formation and meant for anyone who work with creativity or develop new ideas in collaborative groups. COBWEB is an Academy of Finland project running at TUT, focusing on enhancing knowledge work with computational analysis of Big Social Data. The project is ran by Laboratories of Knowledge Management and Logistics, Pervasive Computing, and Mathematics.


Tapahtuman jättäjä: Thomas Olsson
Asiasanat: opiskelu ja opetus, tiede ja tutkimus, palvelut ja yhteistyö