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Composite Hack Gala Seminar

Päivitetty: 09.02.2018 8:36
Tapahtuma-aika: 14.02.2018 klo 12:00 - 15:00
Paikka: Kampusareena, Auditorio
Lisätietoja: Mikko Kanerva

Composite Hack is an event where industry and education collaborate with common tasks. The idea is that student teams visit companies and form solutions for tasks defined by the industry.

The student teams are interdisciplinary so that different fields of knowledge can be combined to form new point of views and fresh ideas. This year students are gathered from two courses, Composites course (MOL-42226) from Tampere University of Technology and Product Development, Sales, Marketing course (5K00BI01-3003) from Tampere Applied Sciences University. Each team is assigned to a company and they make a visit to the company. Based on the assignment, the teams form a solution, Gala presentation, and final report during an intensive hack period. In the Gala seminar, the concepts of students solutions are presented and networking as well as visibility given both companies and the entire composite field.

The Gala Seminar 14.2. is free of charge and open to everyone. Welcome!

Gala presentations:

  • Digitalization and its benefits for product identification and marketing
  • The new storage system for reinforcements – considerations of safety, identification, air conditioning, practicality
  • Natural fibre based composites – challenges in small series production
  • Waste material usage in pulltrusion / pullwinding process factories
  • Designing hands-on composite course/contest for students
  • Designing mobile composite manufacturing set for the course
  • ’Tribes’ as consumer/customer division – how to find them, how to create them, how to support them, how to use tribes in marketing?
  • Lead as X-ray protection in doors – how to replace them?
  • Heating methods of composite tanks
  • Data collection from composite tanks
  • Developing and replacing the Outotec Larox LSF Polishing Filter’s filtration element frame with composite structure together with easier assembly system
  • Out of the box concept design
  • High performance composites from renewable (epoxy) resins – marketing perspectives, technical performance, availability of materials – a survey
  • LCA (life cycle analysis) for a composite part: how to make (methods/products) and a draft analysis for a component


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Tapahtuman jättäjä: Kati Valtonen
Asiasanat: opiskelu ja opetus, tiede ja tutkimus, palvelut ja yhteistyö