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TUT Game Lab

The TUT Game Lab brings together learning scientists, developers, and humanists to conduct research, and develop new ways to utilize games in learning. Our aim is to develop and study high-impact digital games that address real world challenges.

The TUT Game Lab’s main research areas are

  • Develop scientifically justified games to demonstrate and conduct research
  • Study the impact of learning games
  • Explore ways to combine learning and assessment in games
  • Study and model playing experience


Current projects

Supporting and modeling middle school students’ developmental trajectories of rational number knowledge with games (2015-2020)
This project models the development of middle school student’s rational number conceptual knowledge that is identified as a gatekeeper for success in higher mathematics. The project will produce game based interventions for supporting the development of rational number knowledge and to study the effectiveness of the produced interventions. Project aims to identify predictors for the development of rational number conceptual knowledge from students playing behavior and to explore ways to utilize these factors in producing learning analytics.

The learning effectiveness of physically activating multiplayer game environments: Learning by creating games versus learning by playing games (2014-2017)
The purpose of this project is to study the effectiveness of learning by creating games and learning by playing educational games approaches. Research investigates whether students learn and understand fractions better when they play author provided fraction games or when they are asked to create own games about fractions. From these two approaches both sedentary and physically activating game (exergame) implementations are studied.

Previous projects (recent)

GALA - Games and Learning Alliance (Network of Excellence for serious games, FP7, 2010-2014)

MAGICAL - Making games in collaboration for learning (2012-2014, FP7, Life Long Learning Programme)

Exergames in Learning (TEKES 2012-2013; Project was part of FINNABLE 2020 consortium)

Members of the group:

Kristian Kiili, Academy Research Fellow  Arttu Perttula, Postdoctoral Researcher
+358 40 826 2951       +358 40 8262896
kristian.kiili@tut.fi     arttu.perttula@tut.fi
Antero Lindstedt, Doctoral Student   Pauliina Tuomi, Postdoctoral Researcher
antero.lindstedt@tut.fi      +358 40 826 2938


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