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Data Analytics and Optimization (DAO)



The activities of the DAO research group concentrate on time series analysis, image analysis, machine learning and mathematical optimization with a wide variety of application areas.


Current projects

Data analytics competence center for promoting innovation and competitiveness in Satakunta (Analyyttinen; 1.1.2016 – 31.12.2018). The aim of the project is to support and enhance utilization of data analytics in the organizations of the Satakunta region. Project activities include sharing data analytics related information, creating collaboration networks between stakeholders and participants as well as organizing subject related events and participating in similar events organized by other parties. We are seeking examples of data analytics utilization and benefits in different application areas. Analytics platform based on the Shiny environment and R programming language has been created and is available at http://www.datatiede.fi/r-playground/ . In addition, a digital learning platform is under development.

Additional information about the project can be obtained from the web site www.datatiede.fi (in Finnish).

Contact Persons: Jari Turunen (Project Manager) and Janne Harjamäki (Project Researcher).


Doctoral School of Industry Innovations: Developing a radar based bird monitoring platform for wind farms (DSII; 2016-2019)

Contact Person: Juha Niemi (Doctoral student), Juha Tanttu (PI)


Towards more efficient agricultural business with the help of smart data analytics (MIKÄDATA; 1.1.2016 – 31.12.2019). A digital service, integrating vast amounts of data available from agricultural land areas and offering analytical services to farmers, will be developed. Remote sensing data analytics will be combined with field sampling data and yield assessment data to detect intra-field differences in growth conditions and to apply the result for precision agriculture. More information about the project is available at http://www.avoinsatakunta.fi/mikadata-hanke/ .

Contact Persons: Petri Linna (Project Manager), Tarmo Lipping (PI) 


Application of remote sensing in biosphere assessment (1.1-31.8.2017). The project summarizes the work carried out during past years in developing remote sensing data analysis methods for biosphere assessment. Remote sensing techniques such as bathymetric LiDAR, hyperspectral imaging, aerial imaging and SAR are presented. The results will be published in Posiva’s working report series. 

Contact person: Teemu Kumpumäki


Robot ecosystems enabling renewal in automation and service industries (OpenCRP; 1.1.2016 – 30.6.2017). During the project, open cloudrbotic platforms (CRPs) are developed and tested for creating new applications in service industry. More information is available at http://www.tut.fi/fi/pori/kehittamishankkeet/opencrp-hanke/index.htm .

Contact Person: Petri Oksa (Project Manager)


Members of the group

Tarmo Lipping Juha Tanttu
Jari Turunen Pekka Ruusuvuori
Juha Niemi Teemu Kumpumäki
Jari Pohjola Janne Harjamäki


Päivittäjä: Marika Vapaala-Riikonen, 27.08.2018 9:39.
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