Organizing committee

General Chairs
K. EgiazarianTUT, Finland
A. BeghdadiUniversity Paris 13, France
Program Chairs
I. TabusTUT, Finland
C. LarabiUniversité de Poitiers, France
Plenary Session Chair
V. Lukin National Aerospace University, Ukraine
Special Session Chairs
F. Alaya Cheikh NTNU, Norway
M. Mitrea Telecom SudParis, France
Students Session Chair
V. Voronin DSTU, Rostov, Russia
Tutorial Chair
M. Carli University of Roma Tre, Italy
Publication Chairs
F. Battisti Univ. of Roma Tre, Italy
L. Oudre University Paris 13, France
International Liaison Chairs
V. Marchuk DSTU, Rostov, Russia
S. Agaian CUNY, USA
Publicity Chairs
S. Colonnese La Sappienza University, Rome, Italy
F. Dufaux LSS, CNRS, France
M. Ponomarenko TUT, Finland
Local Organizing Committee
P. Ruotsalainen TUT, Finland
V. Larmila TUT, Finland
V. Multanen TUT, Finland
M. Eino TUT, Finland
H. Huttunen TUT, Finland
Industrial Liaisons
O. Hussey Business Tampere, Finland
Financial Chair
S. Peltonen TUT, Finland
Awards Committee Chairs
V. Katkovnik TUT, Finland
M. Gabbouj TUT, Finland