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March 2015
The 18th European Molecular Beam Epitaxy Workshop will be held in Canazei, Italy.


The 17th European Molecular Beam Epitaxy Workshop will be organized during
10th-13th of March 2013 in Levi – a beautiful skiing resort in Finnish Lapland.

The workshop is the premier meeting of the European MBE community and takes place every second year. The main scope of the conference is to ensure an open forum for discussing the latest advances related to MBE technology, epitaxy of novel materials, and related applications. The Workshop is also an excellent networking forum between research community and MBE industry. We aim at strengthening the community sense by offering a comprehensive coverage of MBE research topics and providing a forum where the latest developments and controversial results are discussed in an open collegial atmosphere.

Main scientific topics:

  • New trends in MBE growth, including epitaxy of graphene, Bi2Te3/Sb2Te3 and organic materials
  • Epitaxy of III-N materials (GaN, InN, nanostructures)
  • Novel III-V heterostructures including dilute nitrides and bismides
  • Epitaxy of oxides
  • Epitaxy of ferromagnetic and spintronics materials
  • Nanostructures and site-controlled epitaxy
  • Characterization of epitaxial materials
  • Epitaxy of heterostructures for application in photovoltaics, electronics, and optoelectronics
  • MBE production technology

Welcome to Levi!

Prof. Mircea Guina, Conference Chair

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