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  Prof. Dr ing Siri Hunnes Blakstad (NO)

Siri Hunnes Blakstad is returning to research and development as business developer in SINTEF, after several years in practice as managing director of the architectural practice tegn_3 and of engineering companies ÅF and Reinertsen Engineering.

She is also Adjunct Professor at NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She has experience from practice both as a workplace consultant and in Corporate Real Estate and Workplace strategy from Telenor. She has earlier been a full professor at NTNU and research director in SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, where she was involved in education and conducted research in workplace- and FM-related R&D-projects.

Her current research and practice aims at developing methods for strategic briefing and campus / workplace design, as well as evaluation of use of space and effects on the user organization.











   Nigel Oseland (UK)

   Dr Nigel Oseland is a workplace strategist, change manager, environmental psychologist, and author with over 10 years research and almost 20 years consulting experience. Nigel is an internationally recognised expert in post occupancy evaluation, impact of design on performance, agile working, psychophysics and the psychology of the workplace. He helps occupiers redefine their workstyle to create space-efficient and cost-effective workplaces that enhance business performance.

   Nigel specializes in strategic briefing and alternative working; he creates workplaces that improve collaboration, enhance creativity, respond to new organizational structures, and deliver maximum value.

   Nigel has published over 100 academic papers, books and guides including: Improving Office Productivity: A Guide for Business and Facilities Managers, the BCO Guide to Post-Occupancy EvaluationMaking Flexible Working Work and CIBSE TM24 Environmental Factors Affecting Office Worker Performance: Review of Evidence

   Nigel regularly presents at international conferences, and organises the biannual Workplace Trends conference and annual Designing & Managing Learning Environments conference.

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