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Tampere Center for Scientific Computing

About TCSC - Tampere Center for Scientific Computing

TCSC - Tampere Center for Scientific Computing - is administered by Tampere University of Technology (TUT). The objective of the center is to provide support, local computational resources and scientific software for researchers at the university. The computing capacity of TCSC consists of several thousands of CPU cores (Tier-2 level computing cluster).

During a typical year at TUT, computational sciences cover approximately one third of the scientific productivity of the university, which highlights the increasing role of scientific computing.

TCSC is also a local contact point at Tampere region for computational sciencists with large computational tasks, especially within the Tampere3 collaboration between the University of Tampere, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and TUT.

In addition to the local computing infrastructure at TCSC, the center facilitates researchers to access to the resources at CSC, IT Center for Science Ltd, administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Located in Espoo and Kajaani, CSC provides Finland's most powerful supercomputing environment (Tier-1) that is complemented by scientific support through computational experts covering a large number of disciplines.

Researchers may also apply for computing capacity in European Tier-0 and Tier-1 level computing centers through the PRACE collaboration. Personnel of both TCSC and CSC can support in the application process.

Contact person at TCSC: Juha Herrala, Computing Specialist. (juha.herrala@tut.fi, +358408490700)

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