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SEFI Annual Conference 2016

Instructions to Paper Authors

NEW: Revised Paper Template available 7 March 2016 (please see below)

SEFI Annual Conference 2016 welcomes

  • Research papers 
  • System papers (i.e. practice and policy focused papers/reports).

Submissions are invited for both oral and poster presentation.

The first submission is in the form of an extended abstract. The extended abstract should be 1000 words long excluding references. The second submission is in the form of a full paper. The third submission is in the form of an abstract based on the full paper.

The deadline for the submission of an extended abstract is 13 March 2016. The deadline for the submission of a full paper is 15 May 2016. Furthermore, the deadline for the submission of an abstract based on the full paper is 15 May 2016.

Authors may submit all these three submissions (three pdf files) by 13 March 2016, or alternatively according to the specific deadlines above.

For all papers the submission should consider the following:

  • The context for the paper
  • Discussion of the supporting literature / work
  • Details of what work has been undertaken
  • The evidence of what has been done
  • Conclusions and recommendations for further work


These five key areas should be covered regardless of the paper type - whether it is research focused (research paper) or practice or policy focused (system paper).

For research papers, the application of a sound research methodology and data analysis should be apparent.

For system papers, the application of a sound research methodology and data analysis may be less apparent, and system papers may focus more on reporting on experiences gained in teaching projects etc.

All papers must be submitted in English. Please download Paper_template_(revised) for instructions on how to prepare your Full Paper.

All papers should be submitted through the electronic submission system.

For each submission the themes to which it is submitted should be identified. It is helpful if up to 3 possible themes can be considered as this helps with the development of the conference programme.

Please note, that your submission has to be made anonymous for double-blind review.

Reviewers will provide feedback on the abstract submission against the following criteria:

The five graded criteria are as follows:

  • The abstract is appropriate to the conference
  • The abstract is appropriate to the theme identified
  • The work is coherent (i.e. the rationale, foundation, approach to the work, findings and conclusions are all included)
  • The work is original
  • The abstract is well written


All of the criteria will be rated on a scale from 1-5

1 = Strongly Agree
2 = Agree
3 = No comment
4 = Disagree
5 = Strongly Disagree

The grading against the five criteria will prompt comments in the following sections of the review form.

  • Comments to the author(s), particularly taking account of the instructions to authors
  • Comments to the Chair of the Scientific Committee


The same criteria will be used for the review of full papers.

Reviewers will be identified by the SEFI Working Group Chairs and the Scientific Committee.

Each abstract / paper will be double blind reviewed in order to ensure the integrity of the review process.

Full papers

Full papers, when invited for submission, should follow the same guidelines as for the extended abstracts but they should generally be about eight A4 pages in length using the conference paper template. There is no maximum page limit for the conference.

Kindly note, in order for the paper to be published in the SEFI2016 conference Proceedings at least one of the authors of the paper will need to be registered to the conference and will need to have paid the conference fee by the deadline for camera-ready copies 6 August 2016.

All papers presented at the SEFI Annual Conference will be listed in Scopus.


SEFI and the host organisation of the annual SEFI conference reserve the right to reject any paper which either during the review process or subsequently is judged by the Chair(s) of the Scientific Committee to be inappropriate for presentation to the conference and/or inclusion in the conference proceedings.  The decision of the Chair(s) of the Scientific Committee shall be final and they may provide an explanation as to the reason(s) for the rejection.


The organisers reserve the right for alterations.

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