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Research assessment

Tampere University of Technology conducts international evaluations of research on a regular basis to receive in-depth information on the quality and scientific impact of its research activities. The first evaluation was conducted in 2011 and at that time all TUT's research activities were evaluated and the units of assessment were the departments. The second evaluation was conducted in 2017. This time around the evaluation was voluntary and selective. Researchers formed research communities that were independent of organizational structures and, in anticipation of the Tampere3 process, they could also include researchers from the University of Tampere. The best and the most potential research communities were selected to be units of assessment through an internal review .

TUT RAE 2017

The goal of the assessment conducted in June 2017 was to:

  • find excellence
  • find new potential

The assessment was geared towards the future and the most important material was the communities' research plans for the years 2017-2021. In addition to the plans, the panel was provided with background material concerning the research communities from the years 2012-2016 as well as publication analyses from the years 2011-2015. The peer review was conducted by one panel consisting of 10 members. More information on the goals, the criteria and the method of the assessment can be found in the Terms of Reference document.    

TUT RAE 2017 report


TUT RAE 2011

The objectives of TUT's first research assessment were:

  • to assess the quality and scientific impact of research at TUT on the international level
  • to assess the societal impact of research at TUT
  • to identify research entities that have the potential to develop into internationally recognized research units.
  • to receive recommendations and suggestions that help the units and the University management to develop research activities at TUT.

The units of assessment were departments and the assessment covered the period 2005 - 2010. The detailed guidelines for carrying out the Assessment were defined in the Terms of Reference document

The Assessment Reports of the International Panels

Faculty of Automation, Mechanical and Materials Engineering (pdf)
Faculty of Science and Environmental Engineering (pdf)
Faculty of Built Environment (pdf)
Faculty of Business and Technology Management (pdf)
Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering (pdf)

TUT Bibliometric report 2005-2010

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