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Mobile aerosol laboratory

Mobile aerosol laboratory

The Aerosol Physics laboratory can measure aerosols in varying environments and situations using its mobile aerosol laboratory. Measurements in urban settings and near aerosol sources require an adapting and mobile infrastructure. The TUT mobile laboratory acts as a shelter for sensitivie instruments and provides their electricity. It also has a variety of inbuilt and well-charaterized sampling inlets for particle and gas measurements.  The associated mobile smog chamber is designed to study photochemical aging of sampled aerosols.

In addition to studies of aging and secondary formation of urban and emission aerosols, the mobile laboratory can be used to measure roadside aerosols and study dispersion of traffic and urban emissions. The laboratory also enables on-road studies within real traffic setting.

The mobile laboratory infrastructure is TUT:s contribution to the Finnish INAR RI and the European ACTRIS infrastructures.

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