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MEI vision on manufacturing and automation

The vision for the Finland is that the manufacturing and production is coming back as the industrial revolution in Far East and in Europe have changed the operation environment thus allowing new opportunities to emerge. Finland will deal with the re-shoring and in-sourcing challenges.

Finnish companies will manufacture more intelligent machine systems that extend from mechanical and ICT interfaces towards future product-service systems. Finnish companies must learn to take advance from networks and be able to create dynamic and adaptive partnership networks. It is seen that within the Industrial Internet the equipment and systems will become more autonomous individuals that communicate with design, customers, production and maintenance depending on their temporal life-cycle state.

Top of the class research done MEI will be transferred to the manufacturing industry and enables the adaptation to the digitalization, competence cumulation and energy efficiency within the product-services. Companies along with the innovative research will allow the emergence of industrial renewal.

Research themes

Advanced manufacturing processes

Additive manufacturing technologies (Directed Energy Deposition and Phtopolymer VAT for Ceramic), Energy efficiency in manufacturing, machine tools and systems, data mining in manufacturing and mechatronics, digitalization of manufacturing processes.

Disruptive Innovations (Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing)

Metamodeling and dynamic control of AM processes, Combined process and part design in Additive Manufacturing, New parts topologies, Hybrid manufacturing, beam delivery, micro manufacturing, powder bed fusion, direct deposition of material.

Systems Engineering in Manufacturing

Integrated product and production design and development

Future Production Ecosystem Strategies

Symbiotic Technologies, Sustainable Ecosystem development, Collaborative processes, Circular economy (Re- and De-manufacturing), Innovation Capability research

Adaptive and Smart Manufacturing Systems and Networks

Supply network management, Production and Manufacturing planning and control (Manufacturing Operations Management), Digitalization in Manufacturing

Collaborative Robotics

Production Automation, Robot systems, Interactive human-machine collaboration and interfaces, Safety, Context-aware systems Machine vision, Data mining from the machines and systems, Sliding Automation/Autonomy

Ongoing research projects





  • P2 DigiMAP
  • P3 ProMagnet
  • P4 Accelerate
  • P5 LeanMES
  • P6 Next Generation Manufacturing: Additive Manufacturing & Smart Factory

EAKR Kokike

EAKR Ketterä Teollisuus

Tekes Regions of Renaissance (ReRe)

FP7 CSA Explore

FP7 CSA SoSmart


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Associate Professor Minna Lanz

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