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Life-cycle Management

Product lifecycle management (PLM) means a process, which includes the whole life-cycle of the product from sketching to recycling and reuse. The Life-Cycle Management of the product offers a backbone for product information by integrating together the processes, the people and product related information.

The systems design view for the lice-cycle process covers the observation of the system in all phases from sketching to disassembly of the system.

Life-cycle management consists of several structured and defined processes, which dictates the optimal solutions regarding the whole life-cycle of the product.

In the research area of Life-Cycle Management (LCM) the methods and tools for life-cycle management of products, machine systems and production systems are researched and developed. The main focus sub-areas are:

  1. Maintenance and Reliability Engineering
  2. Machine System Integrity Management
  3. Metrology and Quality control
  4. Product Information Management

Professor Kari T. Koskinen
University Lecturer Antti Pulkkinen

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