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Engineering Intelligence

The research area of Engineering Intelligence is developing methods and tools for information modeling in mechanical and manufacturing industry. The research is divided on four main focus areas:

  1. Development of analysis and management methods for information flows, Semantic modeling
  2. Development of cooperative and semantic processes for development, design, manufacturing and  life-cycle management
  3. Competence cumulation in organizations
  4. Modeling of machine systems, products, processes and their life-cycle information

The understanding of information and information flows, intensification of information flows and availability of information in right place and in right form enables the cost savings and increase of productivity.

Especially important factor in the research is the human. The role of human is emphasizing to decision maker, who has the context-aware information available as efficiently as possible according to his/her needs.  The Engineering Intelligence research area is making tight cooperation with Department of Mathematics, Intelligent Information lab as common Smart Simulators Group focused on semantic modeling and reasoning.

Smart Simulators Group is focusing on:

  • Semantic modeling of machine, product and process information
  • Use of information models in simulations and simulators
  • Semantic modeling of life-cycle information of product-service systems (SPLIM)
  • Creation of cooperative environments for information production and sharing

Professor Kari T. Koskinen
Associate Professor Minna Lanz


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