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Product development and product management

Research group develops the theory of value creation, as well as tools and methods to support the industry in developing better products and product families, accelerating the product development process and managing the product variety.

Research, teaching and projects in collaboration with the industry emphasise business-oriented product development. Functioning and manufacturable products are not sufficient when competing with other companies. Profitability and performance of a product must be on a par with quality. Product solutions must fulfil the requirements of the whole business environment and the products must flow optimally in the order-delivery process.

Figure 1. Company Strategic Landscape (CSL) framework for business oriented product structuring. The CSL enables identification of business objectives and value creation as a basis for product designing.

Studies of product development and product management focus on:

  • Creative concepting, problem solving and innovation
  • Product design of multidisciplinary products
  • Agile product development processes
  • Product families and modularisation
  • Flow-based product development and product development project

Examples of professions:

  • Design Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Product Architect
  • Module Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Researcher of Product Development

The research group is actively co-operating with the industry and over 50% of the funding is of industrial origin. At present, the group’s knowledge base covers 60 industry cases focusing on the challenges of the product development and the technical solutions.

Figure 2. Some examples of the industry collaboration. Vertical axis presents sales price of a product and horizontal axis illustrates units delivered yearly.

Research of product development and product management stems from the design science and the theory of production. The aim of the research is to develop design methods that are usable in an industrial setting and enable designing of better products faster and with better quality. Our objective is continuously seek solutions in the field of wicked problems in value creation of products. Some examples of tools, methods and research products developed by the research group and applied in industrial cases are listed below:

Brownfield Process: Method and tools for rationalisation of an existing product variety towards a modular product family.

Champion tools: Tools that support planning and implementing the projects.

Flow-based product development and DiMo tool: Modifying product development and production towards a single flow that follows the principles of Lean and Toyota Production System. The flow is managed with the disposition modelling tool DiMo.

VCCA (Value Creation and Capture Analysis): Analysis of value creation and value capture of a product.

New industry cases and method-tool combinations are under piloting, for example in the field of industrial internet.



Assistant Professor (tenure track) Tero Juuti


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