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The faculty of the laboratory conducts research in mathematics and its applications at an internationally competitive level in mathematical analysis with applications, discrete mathematics and mathematical modelling.

The most important research groups in the main fields of research are presented on this page. More information on the activities and achievements of the groups can be found at their home pages.

Mathematical Analysis with Applications

Mathematical Systems Theory

Group leader: Lassi Paunonen
Group homepage
Mathematical systems theory is concerned with systems that can be affected by control signals. The system is monitored by output signals. Core topics of research are systems and robust control solutions governed by linear partial differential equations or delay equations, where the properties of control persist regardless of small perturbations in the system’s parameters.

Inverse Problems

Group leader: Mikko Kaasalainen
Group homepage
Application areas include space research, dynamical systems, geophysics, remote sensing, and biomedical imaging. The group collaborates with several international research groups. The research group is part of the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Inverse Problems Research granted by Academy of Finland.

Discrete Mathematics


Group leader: Esko Turunen
Group homepage
The aim of the group is to promote mathematical research and real world applications of the following non-classical logics: multi-valued logics, paraconsistent logic, fuzzy logic and logic approach to data mining.

Mathematical and semantic modelling

Positioning Algorithms

Group leader: Simo Ali-Löytty
Group homepage
The group studies the nonlinear filtering techniques required in modern personal positioning, including Bayesian inference, sequential Monte Carlo methods, (extended) Kalman filters, and numerical integration methods. In addition, the group researches statistical and geometric models pertaining to the problem as well as efficient numerical algorithms for positioning/tracking computations. The studies carried out in close cooperation with other positioning research groups in the Tampere University of Technology.

Mathematics Education

Group leader: Seppo Pohjolainen
Mathematics education research group studies and develops the teaching of basic mathematics at Tampere University of Technology (TUT). At TUT every freshman attends Basic Skills’ Test in the beginning of studies. The results are used to focus study supportive actions, for example, Remedial Mathematics Exercise and Mathematics Clinic, for students really needing them. Furthermore, social media enhanced learning solutions, e.g. TUT Circle, are available for all students at TUT.

The laboratory also manages the national W3C Finnish Office. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops universal Web standards.

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