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Research profile

Tribology related research, which gives basis for the development of machine elements and systems


  • fundamentals of friction, wear and lubrication
  • contact related life and damage mechanisms

Machine elements:

  • tribological design, analysis and performance of machine elements
  • excitation phenomena and vibration control of mechanical power transmissions
  • machine operation monitoring and diagnostics

Theoretical work:  numerical contact modeling for different contact types and applications (dry and lubricated, smooth and rough)

Experimental work:  verification of the models, testing of real applications

Main applications: frictional joints (fretting), bearings and gears related to, for example, diesel-engines, stone-crushers and gear drives in wind turbines and marine applications

Recent research topics

Contact modeling, numerical models for

  • Fretting wear and fatigue, cracking risk evaluation (dry)
  • Gear contacts: geometry, deformations, stresses, excitations, friction, temperature and power loss
  • Thrust and journal bearings: transient hydrodynamic lubrication, friction, temperature, power loss
  • Transient elastohydrodynamic lubrication (isothermal)
  • Rough contacts (dry)

Machinery operation monitoring and diagnostics

  • Inverse measurement methods of machinery 
  • Vibration analyses of grinder machines
  • Modal analyses of moving vehicles


  • Fretting fatigue and wear
  • Powertrain tribology - bearings and gears
  • Lubrication, friction, wear, life and performance of lubricated contacts
  • Fatigue durability of laser glad components

The research topics are typically derived from real industrial problems. Theoretical research concentrates on numerical modeling and simulation of dry and lubricated contacts targeted at various applications. Experimental work is carried out for the verification of the models as well as for the testing and monitoring of real applications. Special interest is focused on determining the micro-scale contact effects on macro-scale designs. Main experimental facilities are listed here.

The test rigs are listed here

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