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Tribology and Machine Elements

Tribological components such as gears, bearings, seals, brakes and clutches are used in a wide variety of machines. In Finland, the application of these components is often associated with Finnish worldwide export products, for example, diesel-engines, paper machines, drill rigs and crushers. Such applications and environments place special demands on research and development of materials and on knowledge of their tribology. Tribology investigates the friction, wear and lubrication of contacting surfaces. Correct contact design in terms of reduced wear, optimized friction, and improved lubrication is an essential factor in efficient operation, noiseless running, robust design, reliable operation, cost efficiency and in whole life cycle of components and machines in industry.

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Figure 1: Gear tooth stress behaviour  

Figure 2: Behavior of film thickness and pressure distributions in transient elastohydrodynamic lubrication conditions when a small bump bypasses the cylinder- plane contact.


 Figure 3: Gear profile shifts

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