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Tampere University of Technology

Tampere University of Technology (TUT) conducts research in the fields of technology and architecture and provides higher education based on this research.

TUT is located in Tampere, some 170 km north of the capital Helsinki. TUT’s campus in the suburb of Hervanta is a community of 10,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students and close to 2,000 employees. Internationality is an inherent part of all the University’s activities. Around 1,500 foreign nationals from more than 60 countries work or pursue studies at TUT.

TUT offers its students an opportunity for a broad, cross-disciplinary education. Competent Masters of Science of Technology and Architecture as well as Doctors of Technology and Philosophy graduated from TUT are in high demand among employers.

The University combines a strong tradition of research in the fields of natural sciences and engineering with research related to industry and business. Technology is the key to addressing global challenges.

Department of Materials Science (DMS) is one of the biggest education and research units at TUT. At the moment, DMS is the only higher education unit in Finland covering all material groups, i.e., metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, and coatings. The cornerstone of research and teaching at DMS is high-level basic research of the structure, properties, processing, and use of materials. In addition, DMS is operating in very close collaboration with Finnish industry in applied materials research and product development.



With a population of well over 200,000, Tampere is the largest inland city in the Nordic countries. Founded in 1779 on the banks of the Tammerkoski Rapids, Tampere evolved into the most highly industrialised locality in Finland during the 19th century. Thanks to the new city planning, former industrial areas such as Finlayson and Tampella are alive again: cafés, restaurants, shops, cinemas, museums and galleries have found locations there.

There is a lot to see in Tampere: original Finnish architecture, breathtaking lake sceneries, magnificent glacial ridges, beautiful parks and lush forests next to the city centre - and what could be better than a lake cruise on a beautiful summer’s day?

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The brochure welcomes you to Tampere, the City of Life and Light, with vivid descriptions and colourful photos.

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Vapriikki Museum Centre

With a picturesque location beside the Tammerkoski rapids, Vapriikki is a museum centre that offers things to see and do for the whole family. Vapriikki is housed in the old Tampella factory hall, whose oldest parts date back to the 1880s. The largest exhibition hall, a hundred metres long and 16 metres high, was built in the 1910s–1920s. Vapriikki hosts about a dozen exhibitions, with varied themes, including history, technology, and natural sciences. Vapriikki is also home to the Natural History Museum of Tampere, the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, the Shoe Museum, the Doll Museum, the Postal Museum, and the Tampere Mineral Museum. The visitors are served by museum restaurant Valssi and the Vapriikki museum shop, which offers a wide selection of books, gifts, and souvenirs.

Vapriikki Museum Centre






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