Seminar 2017 - Tampere University of Technology

Surface Engineering Days, Tampere

October 31st – November 2nd 2017

Day 1

High-Kinetic Thermal Spray Coating ETSA Workshop
October 31st, Tampere University of Technology

The workshop concentrates on various aspects of high-kinetic thermal spray coating processing, including advanced coating technologies, properties of coatings and industrial applications.

Day 2

The Advances in Surface Engineering Seminar
November 1st, Vapriikki Museum Centre, Tampere

The Advances in Surface Engineering Seminar introduces novel coating processes, such as cold spraying and liquid spraying processes, coating properties and innovative industrial applications.

Day 3

The International TWC Wear Seminar
November 2nd, Vapriikki Museum Centre, Tampere

The International Tampere Wear Center Seminar concentrates on the selection and development of coatings for wear protection, tribological and wear testing of coatings, and practical aspects of wear resistant coatings.


(Please note:There may be changes to the program. Updated 23rd Oct. 2017)

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