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Pilot Lines and Laboratory of Paper Converting and Packaging Technology

Extrusion coating and lamination pilot lines of Paper Converting and Packaging Technology



Laboratory of Paper Converting and Packaging Technology

TUT PCPT laboratory equipment

  • Two environmental test chambers (23-38°C / 50-90%RH, volume 120l)
  • Barrier measurements:
    • O2TR: MOCON Ox-Tran 2/21 MH and Ox-Tran 2/21 SS
    • WVTR: MOCON Aquatran 1G and Cup test (ASTM E96-10)
    • CO2TR: MOCON Permatran-C 4/41
    • Grease resistance (ASTM F119-82)
    • HVTR
  • Dual column material testing machine: Strength properties and adhesion measurements (90°and 180°peel)
  • Contact angle and surface energy
  • Heat sealability:
    • Hot bar sealing and hot tack (KOPP SGPE 20 laboratory sealer)
    • Hot air sealing
    • Ultrasonic sealing
  • Coefficient of friction (Qualitest FX7100-V)
  • FTIR with ATR unit
  • Optical microscope with polarisation contrast + microtome
  • Extrusion rheometer
  • K control sheet coater
  • Brookfield viscometer
  • Creasing – perforating machine (Cyklos GPM4 50)
  • Package testing:
    • Hydrogen leak detector H2000
    • PBI Dansensor CheckPoint O2/CO2


Contact us: Johanna Lahti (pilot line trials), Petri Johansson (laboratory)


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